Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2010

Roanoke Monthly Meeting and Lynchburg Indulged Meeting

If God/Spirit is love, the Spirit is prospering among us. Spirit manifests in our lives individually as well as communally. No matter what issues we face and sometimes wrangle with, we find openings, messages, and guidance to hold steady and see our way through to better clearness and unity. We not only listen and remain open to Spirit, but the sharings and teachings and awareness of Spirit continue to inform us. As a community our sense of continuity continues across weeks and months as well as geographical distance, nourishing us, and allowing us to nourish the Meeting and one another. We are attracting new attenders. Our Meetings for Worship and for Business are well attended, and our work together is energizing. Our various committees are made effective by wonderful dedication and collaboration. Some Friends have had to serve on more than one committee but more newcomers are being asked and stepping forward to participate. Increasingly, Friends are involved in the wider Quaker world as well as locally, so we are looking beyond ourselves to widen our experiences and service.

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Welcome to the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Network.

We are just beginning the development of this network and, as yet, we have little content for this page.

But stay tuned!

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